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Durable Solar Label Tags made with Plastic

We offer an extensive variety of Premium Photovoltaic Solar Label Tags – The most affordable you’ll find with uncompromised quality.

Bazzill Engraving Co. is never behind innovation when it comes to producing durable solar label tags. Our solar labels are made of “UV rated plastic and double stick adhesive” which makes it durable and budget-friendly- especially if you will order in bulk. Plastic is highly recommended in this business. 

We remain true to our promise that our new solar tags are manufactured with high-grade materials paired with over 48 years of expertise in crafting millions of solar labels.

 All solar labels undergo UV lamination and are tested to last long- securing durability without sacrificing sustainability. Our solar label tags go through extensive quality checks and meet outdoor and NEC requirements. ANSI and ISO solutions will always remain on our product lines. Be assured that everything from our selection is built with premium-grade yet affordable outdoor plastic material,  Bazzill Engraving Co. has mastered for almost five decades since it started in Arizona, USA. Customizing solar label tags is our expertise- so why not get your free quotation from us? No commitments required. 100% MADE FROM THE USA.

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